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if it hadn't been for sandy and for the way that that all unfolded. so, you know, it exposes that political dynamic itself. but it also, you know, without having seen everything in there, you know, you have to remember that chris christie did not always see himself as a presidential contender. he had a local/political career that didn't go well at first. and then he went back to the private sector. then he kind of had a resurrection, and now is on his way to a serious white house campaign. so this being new jersey, you're going to find things in his background that are very new jerseyish. and will lend themselves to 30-second commercials about, you know, using your influence to help your friends. and that sort of thing. so that will be something that he'll have to deal with. >> bob, picking up on ryan's point, things about chris christie that are new jerseyish, that obviously in being a blue state would make him sort of an en agent ma to a lot of people on the right and in republican politics right now, purity really is kind of the main narrative. i want to play you something that chris chr
the one-year anniversary of hurricane sandy. how do the residents in your district react, sir, when they hear that republicans like tom coburn, who voted against a single cent of funding coming to new york, yet come here to the city to raise money for their own campaigns. >> i think they probably have the same reaction i would, martin. in other words, we welcome them to new york. new york is a welcoming city. but you know what, we would like them to go to staten island, the rock aways, go to long island. see the damage done from sandy that's not repaired yet, that lives are still overturned. they're not back together get. and when a disaster struck their state, i didn't say, well, they didn't help us. therefore i'm not going to help them. i don't believe america should ever turn its back, congress should never turn its back on suffering americans. that's what they did when new york and new jersey and connecticut and pennsylvania were suffering. but martin, it's important to note, we didn't do the same thing to colorado. we never would. we didn't do it to any other part of the countr
. >> since you're at the one-year anniversary of hurricane sandy, i'm thinking about my friends of new york a lot the past couple days. >> thank you, sir. >> i sat through the three-and-a-half hour hearing with secretary sebelius today. i sat through the four and a half hour hearing with the contractors a week ago. you know, the thing that just top of mind, why didn't anybody talk to the president when he kept repeating over and over again if you like your doctor, if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. it was obvious that was not the case. >> you heard the president speaking earlier today. >> no, i didn't. chairman rangel was not sharing the television monitor with me. >> oh, i'm so sorry. he ought to be more friendly. he is generally a friendly chap, actually. i can tell you the president explained very carefully that those policies were actually shot with all kinds of problems. and therefore, he -- you know, that's why this system that is replaced is so much better. i'm afraid we only have a few seconds left. >> but martin, you know, i'm getting calls and letters fro
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)